Welcome to Nursery where the MAGIC begins. 


Meet the staff…


       Mrs Brandrick                 Mrs Twyford                   Mrs O’Malley   

                                  (Deputy Principal)

Our Nursery is called Fantasia with key worker groups known as Mickeys. Through our MAGIC learning we aim to give your child a wide range of opportunities and experiences within our play based curriculum. Our friendly team are here to support your child through their first year of learning where the MAGIC begins.


Follow this link to share a variety of rhymes with your child at home. 



We use our Cinderella communication to retell stories and sing rhymes linked to our topic.



Our Spring term 2021 topic's are "What colours make me happy or sad?" and "What would we find on a farm?"                      How Long Should Brands Keep Their Rainbow Logos? | WIRED            Farm Animals |                               



The book's we are using are...


Spring 1:

Mouse Paint : Walsh, Ellen Stoll: Books     Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?: 1: Waddell, Martin, Firth,  Barbara: 9781406353037: Books  Elmer: 30th Anniversary Edition: 1 (Elmer Picture Books):  McKee, David: 9781842707319: Books    The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark: The beloved classic children's book  about Plop the Baby Owl: Tomlinson, Jill, Howard, Paul:  9781405201773: Books


Spring 2:

Farmer Duck : Waddell, Martin, Oxenbury, Helen: Books   Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type (Click Clack Book) : Cronin, Doreen,  Lewin, Betsy: Books   The Wonky Donkey : Smith, Craig, Cowley, Katz: Books   Farmyard Hullabaloo! : Andreae, Giles, Wojtowycz, David: Books


Our English Speaking Board song for Spring 1 is "I can sing a rainbow" click here to view the video.   

File:Rainbow-diagram-ROYGBIV.svg - Wikimedia Commons


Our English Speaking Board song for Spring term 2 is "Old Mc Donald had a farm" click here to view the video.

Song: Old MacDonald had a Farm - Storynory


View your homework for  1&2 here.

Follow these links to support your child’s at home.

Please practice these songs at home, click on the song to follow the link:

Spring 1 

Week 1, 5 little speckled frogs

Week 2, little boy blue

Week 3, 3 blind mice

Week 4, 5 little ducks

Week 5, 5 green bottles

Week 6, I can sing a rainbow

Our half term challenge is to create an item of food for our farm shop role play.

Spring 2

Week 1, Old Mc Donald had a farm

Week 2, Hey diddle diddle

Week 3, chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken

Week 4, Ba ba black sheep

Week 5, Big red combine harvester

Week 6, 10 fat sausages 





Catch up on all our school news here                                   COMING SOON - To view our Newsletter click here                                                                                                                                                                         Cooking with kids at home saw a boom during lockdown – here's why it needs  to continue                                                                                  

We are completing cooking sessions this term for our enrichment.