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Welcome to Nursery, where the MAGIC begins... 


Meet the staff...



                                 Mrs Callear- Class teacher             Mrs Giles- Class teacher   


      Mrs Howell- Support staff


Our Nursery is called Fantasia and through our MAGIC learning, we aim to give your child a wide range of exciting learning experiences within a play based curriculum and nurturing environment. Our friendly team are here to support your child through their first year of learning where the MAGIC begins.


In our class, we encourage the children to be;


We are always ready to learn.

We are patient and we pay attention so that we can be super learners!


We look after each other and the school property.

We take care in all that we do.


We listen carefully so that we are safe at all times.

We use our kind hands and we follow the instructions all of the time.


Follow this link to share a variety of rhymes with your child at home. 



We use our Cinderella Communication to retell stories and sing rhymes linked to our topic.



Our Summer term topics are:


Summer 1- What mini-beasts could you find in the garden?

What is a Minibeast EYFS? Minibeast is a primary school science topic.



Summer 2- What can you do with water? 

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: Safe Water and Your  Health




Some of the books we are using are...

Summer 1:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Wikipedia            Superworm : Donaldson, Julia, Scheffler, Axel: Books


Jasper: Jasper's Beanstalk     Oi Frog! (Oi Frog and Friends)


Summer 2:

Billy's Bucket



Our English Speaking Board song for Summer 1 is "The Incy Wincy Spider". Click here to view the video.   

Incy Wincy Spider Song Sheet (SB10810) - SparkleBox



Our English Speaking Board song for Summer 2 is "5 fish that swim in the ocean, oh!".

Free Vector | Set of five fish 

5 Fish that swim in the ocean, oh!

Up and down and to and fro,

They flap their flippers and wiggle their tails,

Nobody knows they're afraid of the whales,

How many fish, how many fish, how many fish have we?





Your teacher will upload homework each week onto your Dojo Portfolios. Please ensure that you check and complete these tasks each week. 

Reading diaries will be collected on a Thursday ready for library books to be changed on a Friday so please ensure that you child brings in their signed reading diary and library book each Thursday.

It is the expectation that your child is taking part in some shared reading each week (ideally, each day) at home. Please ensure that you sign their reading diary each time that you read together. 


80+ Quotes About Reading For Children: Download free posters and graphics  of inspiring reading, literacy, and literature quotes.