Welcome to Nursery where the MAGIC begins. 


Meet the staff…



                 Mrs Brandrick    Mrs Twyford   Mrs O’Malley   Miss Ridley

                (Deputy Principal)

Our Nursery is called Fantasia with key worker groups known as Mickeys. Through our MAGIC learning we aim to give your child a wide range of opportunities and experiences within our play based curriculum. Our friendly team are here to support your child through their first year of learning where the MAGIC begins.


Follow this link to share a variety of rhymes with your child at home. 



         Our Summer term 2021 topic's are "Who goes to the ugly bug ball?" and "What can I do with water?"     





The book's we are using are...





We use our Cinderella communication to retell stories and sing rhymes linked to our topic.


Our English Speaking Board song for Summer term 1 is "Incy Wincy Spider" click here to view the video.

Our English Speaking Board song for Summer term 2 is "Down in the deep blue sea" click here to view the video.


Don't forget to access the homework on Education city follow the link below. 


View your homework for Summer 1 here.

View your homework for Summer 2 here.

Follow these links to support your child’s at home.

Please practice these songs at home:

Summer 1

Week 1, Tiny Caterpillar 

Week 2, 5 Speckled frogs

Week 3, Incy Wincy 

Week 4,  There's a worm at the bottom of my garden 

Week 5, Here is the bee hive

Summer 2

Week 1, 1,2,3,4,5

Week 2, Who built the ark?

Week 3, Down by the station

Week 4, Dr Foster

Week 5, If you're happy and you know it                                                                                                  



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We are continuing our Forest Schools sessions this term for our enrichment.