Inclusion team website statement

The Inclusion team consists of a number of approachable and dedicated members who work collaboratively with the staff throughout the school to remove barriers to learning to ensure the best outcomes for all of the children.

Our Inclusion lead is Mrs D Wiltshaw. Working across the Multi Academy Trust is our Safeguarding Officer, Mrs J.Oakes. These members of the team work closely with the school based Inclusion Team that includes an Assistant Inclusion Lead and a Home School Link Worker, as well as any additional support staff working with individual children.

The team is committed to ensuring that children receive support in lessons, personalised interventions and pastoral care, whether it be for their social and emotional needs, special educational needs, disabilities, behaviour, mental health or medical needs. We use specific programmes and technology to help children to enjoy learning and to support them, enabling them to make progress.

We support and work with teachers and parents in identifying and meeting the needs of every child and liaise closely with other agencies to ensure the best possible provision and outcomes through a collaborative approach.

As a team, we pride ourselves on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for all children that we support as well as helping them to achieve the best that they can.


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