Nursery Open Evening Event

Lots of activities for the children to see and take part in before they start nursery. Nice, pleasant experience.


I loved the open evening. They made me feel welcome.

P Suleyman

Special ladies Tea Party 


What a wonderful morning! Well done to all the children for making all the Mums feel extra special.

K Wooley

Had an amazing time at the tea party. All the children were superstars and the staff have done really well.

N Hughes

A lovely morning! all the children were amazing, and well done to all the staff. Me and Rayaan really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you!

A Qasim

Lovely cakes. Nice to come and see my Grandson, Tyler, for Mother's Day. 

J Townsend

Brilliant afternoon. Really enjoyed the tea party. Northwood Broom staff never fail to make us happy. Thank you


We had a lovely time and really enjoyed the dancing. The cakes were yummy! Thank you.

L Barnett

Thank you for a lovely afternoon. I really appreciate the effort that's been made.


It was lovely to spend some time one to one with Joshua to celebrate Mother's Day. Thank you for the juice and cake.


Me and Toby had the best time. Lovely Mother's Day treat, once again!

Z Coates

Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed this lovely time with my son, Mohammed, and the other Mums.

M Azeez

Had a lovely time, and the kids as well! They enjoyed their mini party!


GOOD! Thank you for organising this, it was lovely. I love the homemade paper flowers.

Laura Jones

Very enjoyable session. We had fun chatting and Isaac loved spending time with me at school. Lovely touches and decorations. Loved the music and dancing too.


 Wonderful Mr Price!

Good Morning

Just a quick note to say I don’t know what Mr Price does to these children but whatever it is it's working extremely well.

He makes my Thursday mornings an absolute dream. Every Thursday Ruben bounces out of bed in a fabulous mood eager for breakfast and is sat waiting to go to school by 8am, which believe you me is a vast difference from any other day of the week.

When I ask Ruben if he’s excited to start big school he says no because he'll miss Mr Price too much!

So I just wanted to drop a quick message to say thank you for making school so enjoyable for Ruben and keep up the good work.

Also a big thank you to all the Year 2 Bears teachers for their support too!


 Spellings "Watch Me Learn"

I have enjoyed coming in to Reception to see all the children doing their spellings. I am very pleased to see how the children do spelling - making words out of lots of fun things.

T Cronin

It was very informative to see a spelling lesson. I love to watch the children learn. I can help Jack better with his spellings at home.

L Jones

This has been a really good workshop.  It was great seeing the different activities and resources available to the children.

H Salt

I really enjoyed coming to watch Isaac write and spell words. It was so much fun!

A Watts

Thank you for the lovely afternoon with Amelia.  I can now help her more with her spellings at home.

S Ibbs

 Harvest Festival

Thank you for the brilliant harvest production! It was really good.  All the children were fantastic!

R Collier

 Maths "Watch me Learn"

"Interesting to see how children learn now to when I went to school"

J Sheldon

"A very good insight to what techniques the children use"

G Comer

"Fantastic! Making learning fun!"

K Appleton

"Lovely informative morning which will help to support my child!

M Fern

"Such a great way to learn how your child learns at school"

A Settler

"So nice to see the different ways children learn"

J Talbot

Reading Workshop

"The workshop was very interesting . It was very helpful to learn new tips for reading."

R Leigh

"I found it very helpful seeing how the children are taught at school.  I will be using the information at home."

K Edge

"Some very useful advice"

L Townsend

Bedtime Story Comments

"I enjoyed the time spent with my child. An excellent way to help children improve reading and understanding punctuation."

A Hussain

"RL did her sentences brilliantly. I enjoyed watching her learn"

H Parsons

"Lovely to see how all the kids interact with the teachers and to see all teh progress Marshall has made"

A Higgins

 Fantastic Year 2 Leavers Concert


I am writing to express my thanks for inviting me to your Year 2 Leavers Concert this afternoon. The concert was fantastic, reflected by the children's smiles that never dropped throughout the whole show.

The amount of hard work the children and staff put in was clear and the result was really enjoyable. Additionally I thought it clear that there was a lovely bond between staff and children and particularly touching was the positive manner in which the children spoke of their future aspirations.

Thank you again and on behalf of Grove Junior School, please pass our congratulations onto all staff and children who took part.

Congratulations also from all at Grove to Mr Whitby, who we wish a very happy retirement!

Kind Regards,


 "Congratulations on a wonderful sports day!"

To all the wonderful staff at Northwood Broom,

I'm sure that you always hear the bad things and rarely get compliments, so I just wanted to say how much we thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's sports day.

It was so lovely to see so many family and friends supporting the children and school. You always make events and the school so warm and welcoming. Such a great atmosphere that all the families can enjoy.

Even my father who came along commented on how lovely and well organised it was. With having a wife that was a reception school teacher, and two daughters, my father has been to many sports days!

I particularly liked how the staff were allowing the children and were even helping them to find their relatives in the crowd after a race. We liked how all the staff were kitted out in sports wear and how each child received a sticker for each race. How they all had a lollie pop and were encouraged to cheer each other on. Everyone had a fair chance.

You've got some very talented children that I hope are encouraged with their sports to maybe take it further as they grow.

Congratulations on a wonderful day. Thank you.

Mr and Mrs. Caddy

 Alton Towers

Dear Mrs Carrigan

I wish to comment how well behaved and polite all the children were today and they did as they were told.

The staff ware fantastic with the children and I think the staff enjoyed Justine's House as well!

Yours sincerely

Mr. Smith

Once again, thank you for allowing me to assist your staff today. It was a pleasure and an honour.