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Welcome to Dinosaurs MC. We have created this page to share all of our fantastic learning with you and to keep you up to date on events happening in our school. Please take the time to explore this class page and discover all the magic learning we will be doing. 


Spring Term


Our Topic this term is Planes, Train and Automobiles. Please see our Newsletter here for more information about all the exciting things we will be doing.


This term we are learning about space and astronauts. In Art, we are going to be looking at the famous artist Paul Klee and create art in a similar style. Paul Klee uses a variety of different shapes and colours in his artwork and we are going to create a space landscape using similar skills which the children are very excited about! In Geography, the children are going to explore and name the continents and oceans of the world and comparing them in terms of size and location. In History, we have watched the first man on the moon and researched and compared famous astronauts from past and present. We are even going to use our super Computing skills to create an astronaut factfile using PurpleMash. In PE, the Dinosaurs have been learning about dance and creating a sequence of movements to music.  Below are some useful links. 

Geography: continents song          History:   The International Space Station     Art: Paul Keele 


                            United Kingdom.                                         Tim Peake      



The children will continue to develop their understanding of punctuation, spelling and phonics to support them in their writing. We have been looking at various forms of writing in English. We have written a information poster about our trip to Manchester Airport with the purpose of  informing other children in our school about the exciting things you can do there and the different jobs that people do. Ask your child what they can tell you about their Airport experiences! We are also writing letters to the famous astronaut Tim Peake, asking a variety of questions about life as an astronaut and his experiences of travelling to the moon in a rocket! If you would like to practise key writing skills at home please use the following websites, games and videos. 

Phonics:  Alphabet song    Phase 2 tricky words   Phase 3 digraphs  Phase 3 tricky words  Phase 4 tricky words                      Phase 5 digraphs  

Handwriting: Letter formation video  

Websites: Phonics play    Teach your Monster to Read  Letters and Sounds games 



In Maths we will learning numbers to 50, addition and subtraction within 20, number bonds to 20 and measuring length and weight. If you would like to practise reading and counting numbers please use the following games and videos:  

Counting to 100            number bonds to 20         Spelling number 1- 20 word song. 

Topmarks: counting games         Topmarks: Sequencing games          ICT: counting games 


Special Events

Everyone had a fantastic day on our trip the Runway Visitor Park. We hope the children have told you everything they discovered. 


Well done to everybody in Dinosaurs MC who took part in the Dance Extravaganza on Monday 11th March 2019. 


World Book Day - Thank you for everyone who came into school on World Book Day wearing their pants in some very unusual places. This was, of course, to get into the groove of our class text for the day - 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants'. What a roar-some day the children all had!


British Science Week - As part of British Science Week, the children have been exploring 'Journeys Through Time'. They have been creating dinosaurs using a variety of different materials and discussed how different features of dinosaurs helped them to fly (long necks to eat leaves from trees, wings to fly away from danger).



Homework this term will be online through Education city.  More information will be sent out. 



This week we are launching our new Maths competition! The children have a question to solve and they will be able to post their answer on the new Magical Maths display. The question for this half term for Reception and KS1 is ’10 is the answer, what is the question?’ Nursery are challenged to represent the number 5 in a range of ways. Work with your child to solve this problem, they can then record this on a special piece of paper at school or at home. Miss Slinn will be offering a lunchtime drop in session for  KS1 on 13.2.19 and EYFS 14.2.19