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Welcome to Dinosaurs MC. We have created this page to share all of our fantastic learning with you and to keep you up to date on events happening in our school. Please take the time to explore this class page and discover all the magic learning we will be doing. 

    Spring Term 1

Please read below to discover all the exciting things we will be doing this term. Please see below to read our Spring newsletter.  



Our key text this term is "Beegu" by Alexis Deacon.  

Image result for Beegu"


Through this book we will develop our understanding of punctuation, spelling and phonics. Firstly, we will create a setting description telling where Beegu writes a letter home telling her parents where she has landed. We will develop our vocabulary through describing this strange planet and selecting powerful adjectives.  Then we use our talk for writing to retell the story and describe Beegu.

The children will continue to develop their reading and comprehension in RWI phonics and guided Reading lessons. 

Phonics:  Alphabet song   RWI        RWI: Set 1 sounds   RWI: set 2 sounds RWI: Set 3 sounds 

Phase 2 tricky words   Phase 3 digraphs  Phase 3 tricky words  Phase 4 tricky words       

Handwriting: Letter formation video  

Websites: Phonics play    Teach your Monster to Read  Letters and Sounds games 



In Maths we will look at counting forwards and backwards to 50, recognising and writing these numbers. We will be finding one more and one less and also comparing numbers. We will look at addition (+) and subtraction (-) and various ways of working out the answers by using methods demonstrated in class. Later in the term we practice counting in 2s, 5 and 10s.

Throughout our Maths learning we will explore with a range of apparatus such as Numicon, tens frames, part-whole model,  blocks and counters to enable us to really understand the concepts being taught.


 If you would like to practise these skills please use the following games and videos:  

songs: counting to 20     number bonds to 20  2D-shapes      3D-shapes  

games: Topmarks: counting games         Topmarks: Sequencing games          ICT: counting games 



Our key question this term is: What does Beegu think of live on Earth?Image result for materials ks1 poster"

Linking to our book Beegu we will be exploring materials and consider which materials have the best properties to make a shelter, house and bed.  

Science useful links 

                                   Cbbc Bitesize - materials 

Image result for beegu going into the city image"                       Art

  In art we will created our own landscapes of the city Beegu visited. We used chalk to blend different colours together to make the sky. Then we used charcoal to make the buildings.  


Image result for paper mache"   Enrichment      Image result for paper mache spaceship"

 This term will be making 3D paper mashe sculptures planets. We will be practicing our painting skills and modelling to ensure our planets look realistic. As a class we will also create a class spaceship.


In PE, we will be learning Mulit-skills .    



Special Events


-  15.01.2020 - RWI Phonics watch me learn. (9.15am - 10am)

come and watch how we do our new RWI phonics lessons.  



Homework this term will be online through Education city. Please check your child's communication dairy for a copy of their usernames and passwords. 



    Spring Term 2

Please read below to discover all the fantastic things we will be doing next term.