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Welcome to Dinosaurs MC. We have created this page to share all of our fantastic learning with you and to keep you up to date on events happening in our school. Please take the time to explore this class page and discover all the magic learning we will be doing. 


Bump Up Day! 

We had a fantastic time getting to know our new teacher and class. Together we created our first display board showing what a good dinosaur is. 



Autumn Term 1

Please read below to discover all the exciting things we will be doing this term. 


Our key text this term is "Bog Baby" by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward

Through this book we will develop our understanding of punctuation, spelling and phonics and will be able to retell the story. We will be introducing word classes such as nouns, adjectives and verbs and will be orally rehearsing our sentences to help with our writing. We will recap the importance of capital letters and full stops. In Reading we will develop our inference and prediction skills by considering what the characters are thinking and feeling at different points of the story and predict what will happen next in each part of the story. We will then apply all of these skills to create our own fact file about an animal.

 If you would like to practise key writing skills at home please use the following websites, games and videos. 

Phonics:  Alphabet song    Phase 2 tricky words   Phase 3 digraphs  Phase 3 tricky words  Phase 4 tricky words                      Phase 5 digraphs  

Handwriting: Letter formation video  

Websites: Phonics play    Teach your Monster to Read  Letters and Sounds games 



In Maths we will look at counting forwards and backwards to 10, recognising and writing these numbers. We will be finding one more and one less and also comparing numbers. We will look at addition (+) and subtraction (-) and various ways of working out the answers by using methods demonstrated in class. Later in the term we will look at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties and using these to make patterns. We will also look at numbers to 20 and break them down into tens and ones and explore the numbers using a range of different apparatus.

Throughout our Maths learning we will explore with a range of apparatus such as Numicon, tens frames, part-whole model,  blocks and counters to enable us to really understand the concepts being taught.


 If you would like to practise these skills please use the following games and videos:  

songs: Counting to ten       writing numbers to ten     number bonds to ten  2D-shapes      3D-shapes  

games: Topmarks: counting games         Topmarks: Sequencing games          ICT: counting games 



Our key question this term is: Why are tigers different to humans?

Linking to our book Bog Baby we will be exploring wildlife and the habitats that certain animals need. We will look at herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and what animals need in their diets. This will link into a trip to the zoo to really understand these animals and further our learning. We will also discuss what animals need to stay healthy and discuss how to care for a pet. 

Science useful linksBBC: animal classification 

                                    Animals classification- interactive games     

                                    BBC: Parts of the human body


In art we will create our own Bog Baby using clay, exploring texture and shape and looking at attributes of the Bog Baby. We will also be sketching, looking at line thickness, tone and shade and create our own animal skin pattern focusing on light and dark. Within our sketching topic we will also create a self-portrait using the skills of shade and tone we have already used.



As part of new curriculum we will be taking part in termly "Enrichment classes"       

This term will be having performance classes. As part of these classes the children will learning how stand up and perform to an audience.  We will also learning how to use body language and music to show emotions. 


In PE, we will be learning day and practicing how to sequence   



Special Events





Homework this term will be online through Education city. Please check your child's communication dairy for a copy of their usernames and passwords.