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This page is all about our class. It is here to inform you about all the amazing things that we do.

As a team we are dedicated to providing all children with an exciting curriculum.  

We hope you enjoy exploring this page and it helps you to see the wide range of learning we access.

We use our Your image is loading...  learning! 


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Hi Incredibles!!! Click the below picture to view a video from Miss Clewlow (03.04.20).

A big thank you to one of our lovely class members for drawing me my portrait - I love it!


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Look at what we have done at home so far...


Please see your child's home learning activities below for the week commencing Monday 6th July.

Your child is expected to complete three learning activities each day.

To ensure your child can gain the maximum home learning experiences, please keep to the required activities,

this includes enjoying the outdoors, exercise, creative learning and sharing stories with your family too.


We will ensure to keep this class page updated weekly with information about your child's home learning education.

Please use the below email to send over any pictures/videos of your child's home learning;


I would love for you to send me any videos/pictures of your child completing their activities or just wanting to say hello!




Daily task – enjoy some exercise with your adult

(see links on our class page for daily Joe Wicks workouts)

RWI: Take a look at the ‘Ruth Miskin Training’ page on Youtube to watch a Set 2 or Set 3 Speed Sounds lesson. Live videos start at 9.30am.

Home learning task 1:

Maths: Recognising coins

Daily task – enjoy creative time

Daily task – enjoy lunch with your adult and tidy up

Daily task – enjoy outdoor / fresh air time

Home learning task 2:

English: Listen to the story, ‘Lila and the secret of rain’ by David Conway. Can you retell the story to your grown up?

Home learning task 3: 

Education City: Everyday Algorithms 

Can you make your own algorithm/instructions to make yout lunch? 


Have a look at the activity sheet for some ideas. 


Daily task – enjoy quiet time. Read to your grown up (see link to Staffordshire Library  on our class page)


Home learning task 1:

Maths: Using coins to make an amount

Home learning task 2:

English: Listen to the story, ‘Lila and the secret of rain’ by David Conway. Can you draw a story map to show the main events of the story?

Home learning task 3:  

Education City: The robot highway code 


Meg has written an algorithm to help their robot to cross the wrong. Can you spot what is wrong and how to correct it? 

(answers are attached)  


Home learning task 1:

Maths: Compare amounts of money

Home learning task 2:

English: Purplemash: Blank Book Reviews

Can you write a book review about Lila and the secret of rain? Under the heading ‘Thoughts About the Story’ you might want to think about your favourite part, who your favourite character was and how the characters felt in the story.

Home learning task 3: 

Use the website to play with a beebot! Can you create an algorithm to get him from one place to another? Use the drop down selection to choose a different mat/scene. I would love to see some photos/videos of your beebot in action! 


Home learning task 1:

Maths: Working out how much change

Home learning task 2:

English: Can you write five expanded noun phrases about Lila and the secret of rain?

Don’t forget, an expanded noun phrase includes an adjective to describe a noun. For example; The hot summer sun was burning over the sandy pyraminds. Remember to send photos to your year group email or your Class Dojo portfolio J

Home learning task 3 

Use the website link below. Chose the community mat. I want to go to the Pizza place! Can you test my algorithm to see if it works?