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This page is all about our class.   It is here to inform you about everything we do.  As an Incredible we use our ‘Magic’ learning to ensure every day is fun and engaging.  As a team we are dedicated to providing all children with a varied and exciting curriculum.  We hope you enjoy exploring this page and it helps you to see the wide range of learning opportunities we access.  If you have any questions please ask any member of our team.  


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Spring Term

Our topic this term is called ‘Out of India’.

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During this topic we will be reading our key text Elephant Dance


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Education City







This week we are launching our new Maths competition! The children have a question to solve and they will be able to post their answer on the new Magical Maths display. The question for this half term for Reception and KS1 is ’10 is the answer, what is the question?’ Nursery are challenged to represent the number 5 in a range of ways. Work with your child to solve this problem, they can then record this on a special piece of paper at school or at home. Miss Slinn will be offering a lunchtime drop in session for  KS1 on 13.2.19 and EYFS 14.2.19