Week Commencing: 12.07.21



This week in Nursery the children have been getting ready for their beach day. Debating with each other what things they would like. The children have again made the most of the dry and sunny weather this week and have had lots of Forest school sessions. They have learned how to use a bow saw safely and have even used the steel flints to light kindling what amazing outdoor learning they have had. Our new hose arrived this week to the children were keen to have a go at this, so we set up a hand/eye coordination activity up. The children loved aiming the water to knock down the plant pots. Lots of fun and laughter.

The highlight of the week was the beach day. Children and staff came dressed in their summer clothes, they paddled, built sand castles, played tradition games and ate fish and chips for their lunch.  We even had a water slide which was great fun. The ice cream van arriving was so exciting for the children. They choose which ice cream or lolly they would like. We were so proud of them we didn't have to remind them to use their manners. The morning was finished with a whole nursery water fight. I don't know who got the wettest oh I do Mrs O'Malley. What a brilliant end to our topic.


The Dalmatians have impressed everyone with their remote learning again this week! Each day they’ve joined their teachers on Teams for a meet and greet where they’ve practised number bonds to 10, using Fred fingers, talked about what they are proud of this year and even sung happy birthday to celebrate an isolation birthday! In maths the children have done some doubling and halving, remembering to make equal groups. In English there has been songs, story maps and retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and some really fantastic sentence writing! Their Year 1 teachers are going to be very impressed! 

Year 1

In Year 1, the children have been planning to write the story of “The Way Back Home”. They have also innovated the part where the boy and Martian crashed on the moon. Some children had said that he has crashed on a planet of even an asteroid! They have blown us away with their amazing imaginations. In Maths, the children have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We had so much fun investigating what 2D shapes we could find on 3D shapes. We used paint to print and even created a robot! This week we have been design technologist and have created a product for the book “The Way Back Home”. The children designed a new page with a mechanism to show a rocket flying to the moon. We decided to use a slider. We evaluated it by assessing the product against a design criterion. Check out Class Dojo to see our amazing work.

Year 2

This week in Maths the Incredibles have been learning about measuring temperature and capacity. They had interpreted different scales on thermometers and record the temperature in degrees. Then have compared millilitres ml and litres l and solved word problems. In Writing the children have continued to learn the story ‘The bird and the forest fire’. They boxed up the story and considered how the character felt throughout the story. The children then practiced using suspense to engage the reader. Finally, they retold the story using these suspense skills.  In Science the children have been learning about the famous astronomer Caroline Herschel. They create story maps of the key part of her life and discussed why she was important.  In Music the children become story writers and created their own Drones.  

Well done for another amazing week of MAGIC learning both in school and from home. We are all so very proud of you. Enjoy the sunshine and we hope you all have an amazing weekend.

From Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Mrs Brandrick