W/C: 14.9.2020

Wow! What another amazing week we have had in Nursery. Again, the children have wowed the teachers on how brilliantly they have come into Nursery. This week, we have focused on the Nursery routines and rules. The Mickeys have enjoyed making their very own calm bottle which they can use throughout the day if they are worried or upset. 

We have made the most of the lovely weather by being outside digging in the allotment and using the crates, tyres, wooden blocks to create different models including a boat train and many more. The children have been on so many adventures this week.

We would like to, thank the parents and carers for their continued support in helping their children settle so lovely. 

Reception have had another fantastic week. The children are now really settled in their Dalmatian classes and are enjoying their new routines. This week, the children have loved learning in the outside classroom wherein they have been using the large construction to build obstacle courses, balance beams and slides; we have some brave children who like to jump off the large blocks. The children have also loved exploring in the secret garden and even though the weather has been sunny, they have started to notice some sign of Autumn. The children are now reallyengaged in Phonics. They have settled well into their Read Write Inc groups and are retaining the sounds that they have learned. Well done Reception, your teachers are proud of you.

This week, the Dinosaurs have been continuing their learning about emotions using the story The Colour Monster. They have thought about what makes them feel angry and learnt some techniques to help them to feel calm. There were some very relaxed Dinosaurs after practising some shape breathing and massage! They also looked at how fear made their bodies feel and what they could do if they felt scared or anxious. They came up with some super ideas but thought the most important was to tell someone they trusted such as their grown up at home or at school. In Maths, the Year 1s have been looking at the Discover and Share parts of their Power Maths lessons. They have been learning to tell the story of the picture and look for any maths that they can see. They are quickly becoming independent in their Power Maths learning and their teachers are so proud of how they are adapting to Year 1 learning. In English, the Dinosaurs have been thinking about finger spaces; they have written some super sentences about how the Colour Monster was feeling and used their finger spaces between the words to make it readable. What super stars!

This week, the Year 2’s have written the story of Jack and the beanstalk. They have practiced using conjunctions to extend their sentences and sentence openers. In Maths, they have been learning to read and write numbers to 100. They practised representing numbers using tens and ones and finding one more and one less.  In Science, they have created an experiment to find out what different plants need in order to grow. The children have put seeds in four different locations: in the cold fridge, in the dark cupboard, in water and in the sun. We have also been outside to identify different plants. In ICT we have discussed how to be safe online.  Well done for a great week!