W.E. 9/11/18


Welcome back everyone! We hope you have all had a lovely break and ready for another exciting half term! Let’s find out what our amazing children have been up to this week:

Wow! The nursery children have definitely come back to school with fantastic Mickey attitudes! They came into school this week all by themselves and their teachers are very proud of them. In English, the children have listened to another Jake and Tizzy story  -  'Help Out' and have enjoyed singing the song of the week ‘Polly put the kettle on’.

In Maths, the children have used shapes to make different pictures and then talked about what they had done. What super Cinderella Communicators they are!

What a week of strange goings on in Reception this week! The children arrived on Tuesday to see strange, large footprints on the playground leading to their classrooms. The children predicted what they could be from, soon finding out it was none other than the Gruffalo! The text the children will be learning about this half term is ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’; the children will be creating lots of art work based on this for the winter display. In Maths, the children have been learning about 2D shapes, learning to name and describe them. The children have also created their very own Gruffalos using the shapes, explaining their choices of shapes used. 

In the Dinosaurs classrooms this week, the children were greeted by some very mysterious pawprints. Using their super detective skills, they followed the pawprints to find the culprit – Snow Bear. The children have engaged with their new text ‘Snow Bear’ by using their Talk for Writing skills to perform and write the beginning of the story! In Maths, the dinosaurs have been consolidating their addition skills by using number lines to add one and two digit numbers together. In Topic, the children have been exploring signs of Autumn, collecting fallen leaves from trees to create some lovely collages in the process.

In Year 2 this week, the children had a very special visit from the Snow Queen! She left behind her crown, wand, mirror and silk gown. She even left a wrapped gift! The children opened it together to find a book all about the Snow Queen. The children have been using the things she left behind and the power of their imagination to write some magical character descriptions. In Maths, the children have been exploring number bonds to 100 using multiples of 5 and adding three 1 digit numbers by using number bonds to 10.

On Friday, our Year 2 children held a special Remembrance Day assembly to remember and honour the soldiers who have fought and died at war. It was a touching assembly and typified the caring, thoughtful nature of the children at our school. A big thank you to those who have donated money at the school gates each day to purchase a poppy.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend.

Very best wishes,

Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Brandrick, Mrs. Clark and Miss Simpson