W/C: 6.7.2020


This week at home, the Nursery children have been thinking about our MAGIC learning characters and drawing them. They have had lots of fun making boats and seeing if they can float in puddles outside. The children have also drawn and written about their worries. They then made their very own worry monster who will eat up their worries! The children have been recognising numbers and making shapes from twigs. They are also getting very clever using a knife and fork too. Well done.


In school, the children have used natural resources to create a portrait of themselves using a photograph of their faces as a template. Over the past few weeks, the children have been busy gardeners planting different seeds. This week, the children created their very own allotment using a cardboard box and decorating it to make it personal to them. The children got to take their seeds home which they were very excited about! In Nursery, we like to explore outside whatever the weather! This week has been no different; the children have spent a lot of time outside jumping in puddles and using the equipment.


In home and at school, the Reception children have had lots of time exploring nature; they celebrated Arts Week last week by drawing their favourite flowers, improved them by adding colour and then created their own nature frame. In school, the children have also enjoyed Forest School sessions with Mrs Robertson wherein they recapped how to be safe, made sparks to start a fire, collected sticks and played in tunnels! This week, the children have been retelling the story ‘The amazing adventures of Max.’ The children have orally retold the story with actions and then enjoyed going on their own adventure wherein they swam with sharks, spun around a round-about and entered the Deep Dark Forest..! This week, we have also been exploring emotion through colour. The children have loved listening to ‘The colour monster’ and sorting their emotions into colours to help with expressing their feelings. Well done for another super week children!


Wow, what a fantastic week the Dinosaurs have had! Continuing their work on Little Cat and the Big Red Bus, the Year 1s have let their imaginations run wild and innovated the story. No longer has Little Cat got on a bus but she has been on a plane, a helicopter, a bicycle, a boat and a train! They have really impressed us with their story writing again and we know that their Year 2 teachers are going to be blown away with how they can apply skills in their writing! In Maths, the Dinosaurs have been learning all about money and applying their super counting skills to count in 2s, 5s and 10s when counting coins. The Dinosaurs have continued their art work this week by looking at drawing using a continuous line. They have used Austin's Butterfly to help improve their own work and Mrs Robertson's too! 


This week, Year 2 have been using BBC Bitesize to refresh on recognising coins. They have also been exploring coins by adding them together and making different amounts including giving change. The story focus has been ‘Lilia and the secret of rain’. This story is set in Kenya which the year children loved learning about back in Spring. The children have written book reviews and some lovely descriptive sentences practising their Year 2 writing skills. In topic, the children have had an exciting algorithms focus! The children have looked at everyday algorithms and then started to create their own using an online beebot! They have challenged themselves to debug the teacher’s algorithms too. What super stars you are! Well done for a great week.