Week Commencing: 03.05.21



This week in Nursery the children have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a frog. After watching a clip the children took this learning by making frogs, moving like a frog and singing 5 speckled frogs in the water tray. We are definitely going to have some Olympic champions. The Mickeys have wowed us by the determination and Goofy Gumption they have shown this week when practicing for our sports day. They have encouraged each other to try all the races even when they found some difficult. The hurdle race and dressing up race is a favourite by all. Well done Mickeys. In maths the children have created pictures using shapes and have been able to name the shapes. In English we have continued to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and have been practising writing their names ready for when they move to Reception.


Wow! The Reception children have packed a lot in to a short week! After continuing their oral retell of the story Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell using their story map, the Dalmatians became authors this week. They wrote some super sentences and have been working really hard to begin to use finger spaces between their words. The children were really proud to share their stories on ClassDojo with their grownups. In Maths the children have been flexible like Flo and found different ways to represent numbers to 10 including practising the formation of the digits. Where has the lovely sunny weather gone? Even the rain did not stop the outdoor learning in Reception though! Forest Schools this week saw more sawing and the children are really impressing their teachers with their communication and team work skills. What super stars they are! There has been even more practise of the Sports Day races and the children are getting very speedy indeed! In the continuous provision the Dalmatians have made wormeries outside and are excited to see how these develop over the next few weeks.

Year 1

The Dinosaurs have wrote a retell of the story “Poles Apart” focussing on using adjectives. They have been trying super hard to write in cursive letters so that they can earn a sparkly pencil. They have also innovated the story by changing the penguins to another animal that lives in the Antarctica. In Maths, the children have been finding groups and sharing equally. The children have continued being artists this week and applied their skill of colour mixing to painting a landscape. The children critiqued their work and painted in again to improve it. After that, the children used pencil to add in finer details of the physical features of the landscape. They are absolutely stunning! In Computing, the children have advanced their mouse skills by using a paint programme (paintz.app) to create smiley faces and flowers. In PE, the children have been practising jumping and worked in partners to critique each other’s ability. The children have had another amazing Music lesson using our new scheme Charanga. 

Year 2

The Incredibles have continued working as superheroes this week and have had lots of fun innovating the story of Traction Man by creating a new superhero. The children have create a bank of adjectives which describe their superheroes. Then, they have created a new story map and practiced retelling their new innovated story to their partner. Finally they have used their adjectives to create expanded noun phrases and write descriptive sentences about their new characters appearance and personality. In Math’s the children have been learning about fractions. They have used shapes and practiced finding a half and a quarter of these shapes. Then the children explored how to find halves of an amount. They will be continuing this work on fractions next week. 

The children have been busy practicing athletics during PE and structured PE ready for our sports day and they have had lots of fun with this.  In computing the children have continued their work on pictograms and have learned how to create a pictogram using a computers.  

Well done for another amazing week of MAGIC learning. We are all so very proud of you. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.

From Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Mrs Brandrick