Week Commencing: 30.11.2020

We are very excited to share our MAGICAL learning with you this week. The children at Northwood Broom have been very busy learners and we are so proud of them and their continuous hard work.

The week started in Nursery by the children arriving to school to find that the teachers had been busy putting up the Christmas decorations and that they had a visitor from an elf. The elf had bought them an advent calendar and some Christmas counting wands. After lots of discussions about what they wanted to call our new Elf, they decided she would be called Sparkle. Sparkle has been getting up to a bit of mischief already! Ask your child what she has been getting up to.

The children have loved being able to decorate the Christmas tree in the loose parts area and sharing the decorations with their friends.

This week, the children have continued to practise their Christmas songs for our school nativity. They have really wowed us with their fabulous singing and it is starting to feel very festive in Nursery.

The children have also adopted the roles of the characters from the book Room on the Broom by using the props and making their own wands and broomsticks. They have produced some lovely art work from the story too.

The children have been putting the final touches to the display this week and have been super creators by decorating their own frames to showcase their amazing work.

In Forest school, the children have enjoyed exploring the school grounds, rolling down the hill and moving logs with their friends.

This week, the Reception children have yet another MAGIC week of learning!

In maths, they have been exploring and comparing groups using the new vocab of more and fewer. The children love using their Power Maths books and are becoming Incredible Independent learners!

During their Forest school session this week, the children have been making sleds and have used them to pull one another down our big, grassy hill! They got a little bit muddy but had a fantastic time working together as a team! We are so proud of the children; how well they work together and how fantastic they are following the rules to keep safe.

This week, the children have also been rehearsing their songs for the virtual Nativity performance! What beautiful singers we have in Reception! It has been such a lovely experience to watch the children sing with pride and to see them perform the actions to the song with such enthusiasm. We can’t wait for you to see the final performance!

The children all looked amazing today in their Christmas jumpers and they all had their photograph taken in front of our beautiful Christmas tree. It really is starting to feel like Christmas now.

This week, Year 1 have written a fantastic retell of the "Tiger who came to tea". The children have been focussing on using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. How fantastic their writing is! We are super proud.

In Maths, the children have been using number lines and a part-whole model to make number bonds to 10. They have also been finding missing numbers. Even though it was tricky, the children used their Mickey Motivation and gave it their best go.

In topic, the children have drawn their final self-portrait and have been applying all of their new skills and improvements. They have tried to make them look as real as possible by focusing closely on different shapes, shading and hair strokes.

In the Incredible class this week, during maths, the children have developed their understanding of how to use number lines to solve addition and subtraction questions but mentally adding and subtracting the tens and then the ones. We have seen some Incredible Independent learners!

In English, the children have developed their understanding of using the coordinating conjunctions 'and', 'but' and 'or' to join and extend their writing. The children have also developed their understanding of writing in first person by writing a recount as Rosa Parks from the day she got arrested for refusing to give her seat up.

In Music, the children have developed their singing skills by using tone and pitch. The children really do sound beautiful when singing our Christmas songs! It is beginning to feel very festive in Year 2.

In R.E, the children have learned about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. They have acted out the story and then researched how Hanukkah is celebrated today.

Well done for a great week everyone!

Have a wonderful long weekend and well done for another MAGIC week of learning children. What amazing children we have in our school!
From Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Mrs Brandrick.