W/C: 9.3.2020

Nursery had a special delivery this week. 10 eggs were delivered for the children to look after. The children were so excited when the first chick hatched and were really lucky to see one of the chicks hatch later on in the week. One of the children said that the chicks were "adorable". The children have used lovely language to describe what was happening. They can’t wait to start to handle them next week. Even the Sentinel came to visit to take photographs of our chicks! Look out for the article in the Evening Sentinel. In Forest School the children have used mud to get creative to paint with. These master pieces will be used to create a bull for our 'Little Red Hen' display. The children have been artists this week creating ‘big art’ for our display and have used different textures for each animal. The children have used their sense of touch to describe what they could feel. The Nursery children have been busy preparing for their special lady assembly and tea party by practising songs, making bunting and special cards and talking about why their special ladies are so special to them. Hope you can attend this lovely event. Don't forget your tissues!!

This week in Reception the chidden have enjoyed writing their very own story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children used the talk for writing map to remember the story and then drew their own pictures. In Maths we have spent the week recapping on what the children have been learning, we are so impressed with their number recognition to 10!

This week in year 1, in writing, we have created our own toy character to innovate the story of Dogger.  In Maths we have been learning how to measure length and height using non-standard units of measurement, such as cubes and hands. We have also learned how to use a ruler correctly to measure using CM. In History we have discovered what board games and playground games our grandparents would have played with and compared them to games we play with today.

This week Year 2 have had a wonderful week exploring 3D shapes. They have been looking at their properties and also making symmetrical patterns. In English, the children have been looking at the similes Roald Dahl used in his story of “The Enormous Crocodile”. How funny they are! We have been laughing our socks off! Ask your child what happens to the crocodile in the end. In topic, the children have been exploring African music. First they matched instruments to African animals and made their own piece of music. After that, the children learnt an African song called Kye Kye Kule. Ask your child if they can show it to you!

Thank you for all your donations for Sports Relief. The children have all had a circuit training session and absolutely loved it!

Have a pleasant weekend.

Best wishes,

Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Mrs Moran