W/C: 10.2.2020

The nursery children took advantage of the snowy weather this week and enjoyed making snow angels and sharing the fun with reception. They used crates and tarpaulin to make sledges to ride down the hill. The children have also been helping to develop our garden to create a fairy and pirate small world area. The children worked together to clear the area from rubbish and weeds. They then used the forest tools safely with Mrs O’Malley to cut branches which they thought could be used as a path. The Mickey's have been matching different objects to the correct numerals and then have counted the objects to check they were right and gave enjoyed using our new creative art area which now has a junk modelling station so they can make different models. Thank you for all of the parents / carers who attended our art gallery and helped to raise funds for our wows nursery. The children have worked hard on their masterpieces and have enjoyed showing them off to you all.

This week in Reception, the children have been exploring 3D shapes. They have all made a 3D Shape robot and we have heard some fantastic language being used to describe the properties of the shapes. The children have been investigating and testing the shapes to see which ones could be rolled and which ones could be stacked. They have also been applying their drawing skills in our Creative area to draw and paint these 3D shapes. On Thursday, as part of their Enrichment, Miss Slinn’s class had some special visitors. Members from Northwood Day Centre came to join the children. They enjoyed singing together and the children made each of our visitors a personalised picture to take home. What a wonderful week!

This week in Year 1. The children have rewrote the story “The way back home”. They have wowed us with their vocabulary and punctuation. Well done Year 1! In Maths, the children have been looking at more and less than. We enjoyed the visit from the library and Internet Safety Day.

This week, Year 2 have perfected their drawings of Traction Man by adding colour and texture. They have also finished their Maths topic of measure and have been solving tricky problems. The children have also wrote a non-chronological report comparing toy cars from the past and modern toy cars. What super facts they have written. The school have celebrated Internet Safety Day with Buddy the dog. They have also had a special visitor from Stoke-on-Trent library to encourage children to use the library. Did you know that you can borrow 20 books at one time? That’s a lot of imagination and reading!

Have a lovely half term with your friends and family.

Best wishes,

Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Mrs Moran