W.E. 18/01/19


Let’s find out what our amazing children have been up to this week:


The Nursery started their week off with a special visitor! Pilot Greg came to talk to the children about his job; he showed them pictures of different planes he had flown and what the inside of a plane looked like. The children were all fantastic listeners! From this, the children used the planes and airport in the small world area to rein act what Pilot Greg had told them. In English, the children have listened to the story of Sarah Jayne’s aeroplane and practised writing their name onto a boarding pass. In Maths, the children have matched the correct numeral to the correct amount of aeroplanes. The children have enjoyed using their gross motor skills to build different vehicles outside using crates, tyres, large wooden blocks and tubes. To finish the week, the children have practised crossing the road using the pelican crossing. The children were very well behaved and could say what the rules were when crossing the road. Well done Mickeys!


The cleaners were not very impressed with the Reception teachers on Monday! The children arrived to a mess in the classroom; hay was everywhere! The children used the clues to help them predict what would happen in the story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze.’ In Forest School, the children learned how to tie knots. It was really tricky but they used their Goofy Gumption and didn’t give up! The children have also learned where food comes from and they seemed very surprised about what they have learned! They then applied this in their writing. In Maths, the children have continued to focus on recognising teen number. They are getting much more confident with this and have learned the strategy of counting the dots to help them. Last week, the children designed their junk model animal; this week, thanks to all your kind donations, the children were able to build their models!


Year 1 have continued to engage with the story ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’, using the -ed suffix to change the meaning of different verbs from within the story! In Maths, the children have been strengthening their number skills by using tens frames to practise making numbers up to 20 whilst using the terms ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ for the first time. In Topic, the children have been exploring road safety; to assess how busy the local roads are, the children conducted a road survey on Keelings Road, counting and identifying the different vehicles which drove past. The Dinosaurs have also continued their work on materials this week. They have designed bottle cars with wheels made from a material of their choice. They can’t wait to test them next week to see if they made the correct choice! A big thank to all grown ups that have provided plastic bottles and cardboard for this project!


This week, the Year 2 children have wrote their very own fact file about India. They have focussed on using headings and paragraphs to write about Indian food, religion, culture and the landscape. In Maths, the children have loved using the new ‘Power Maths’ books. They have been dividing by 2,5 and 10 and explored odd and even numbers. In Topic, the children have been exploring Mandalas and how the print is used to decorate elephants in festivals and peoples skin (also known as Henna).


We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend.

Very best wishes,

Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Brandrick, Mrs. Clark and Miss Simpson