W.E. 21/9/18

Wow! Another week has flown by at Northwood Broom and our children have once again dazzled us with some amazing learning! Let’s see what they have been up to this week:

The Nursery children and teachers started their week by participating in a very exciting barefoot walk, whilst chanting the story ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’. The children loved exploring each part of the story by splashing in the water and squelching in the mud. The language the children used for each part of the story was brilliant too! They described the water as ‘splashy’ and the forest as ‘hard and prickly’.

In English, the children listened to another story about Jake and Tizzy; this week, the lovable characters made jelly in school so our children did the same! The children followed the instructions to make their very own jelly and enjoyed eating it even more! The children said the jelly was very cold and soft.

The children have also been artists this week by painting their self-portraits. They have looked in mirrors to decide what colour eyes and hair they have and how many eyes, ears, noses and mouths they have. We have some great artists of the future in Nursery!

The children have used their ‘All About Me Box’ in Circle Time to tell their friends about their family and what they like, using some super sentences and language along the way!

This week in Reception, the children have been very busy improving their Maths skills. The children have used Numicon to find one more than a given number. They really enjoyed writing in their books for the first time too! It has been lovely looking at all the family photos that have been sent in. The children spoke so confidently about why their families are special, even writing about this in their writing books. If ever you are lost, your children can help you! They have explained to us where they live and the things that they see on their way to school! 

Our Year 1 Dinosaurs have been getting to know their friend Sunny the meerkat a little more this week. They have used search engines such as Google to research meerkats and answer any questions they had about their fuzzy friends. The children then used this information to write a fabulous description of Sunny, using amazing adjectives to describe the different parts of his body. In Maths, the children have demonstrated their magical number skills to count backwards from 20, solving tricky missing number problems in the process! In Topic, the Dinosaurs have been exploring different types of plants around the school grounds and have discussed what they need to grow. A massive pat on the back for our Dinosaurs for another super week of learning!

This week, Year 2 have been comparing and ordering numbers using the number-gator! The children have been using the greater and less than symbols with dienes, pictures and numbers to solve tricky problems. Also, Alvin the Alien has sent the Incredibles a postcard writing about all the things he has done whilst visiting Stoke-on-Trent.He has visited Waterworld, Cineworld and even been to a football match. He has been very busy!  The children have worked hard to describe the amazing adventures their favourite alien has had! In topic, the children have been looking at maps of Forest Park and identifying human and physical features! The children have made their own maps too. 

This week also saw our annual celebrations as part of our ‘Good to Be Me’ day at school on Friday. This day provides us with the chance to celebrate diversity and acknowledge that everyone is special in their own individual way. Activities during this special day included Makaton sessions and even wheelchair basketball. A fitting end to another special week at Northwood Broom Academy.

Very best wishes,

Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Brandrick, Mrs. Clark and Miss Simpson