Week Commencing: 01.03.2021


Our Northwood Broom children have continued to WOW us with their Alice Attitudes, Incredible Independence and their Goofy Gumption this week. Have a read below to find out what MAGIC learning has taken place this week...

This week, at school and at home, the Nursery children have continued their topic about the farm. They have been concentrating on what foods we get from certain animals. We have been finding out what foods come from a cow by looking in our fridges. We then made different foods and drinks from the things we found. Lots of children made milk shakes and cheese sandwiches. The children have also been creative by making different farm animals and have enjoyed singing our rhyme of the week ‘hey diddle diddle.’

In maths, the children have been learning the names of 2D shapes and then practicing drawing them.

They are continuing to enjoy the phonic sessions practicing the picture names and letter sounds.

We have been active this week by playing hide and seek outside and enjoying the fresh air and joining in with the ‘sticky kids’ songs.

The children have continued to learn the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and are getting really good re-telling the tale using the story map. The Mickeys are enjoying lots of farm stories this week especially Farmer Duck.

The children have made fantastic dens using blankets and duvet covers and then invited their toys and teddies to join them.

In school and at home this week, the children have really enjoyed learning the new story ‘The Emperor’s new clothes’. The children have created their own story map to re-tell the tale, have used adjectives to describe the main character and have created thought and speech bubbles to express the thoughts and feelings of the characters. The teachers have been blown away by the use of adjectives and how many children are now attempting to write a sentence.

During topic, the children have been learning all about how to protect our planet. They performed their own science experiment to observe how ice is melting and ruining the habitats of some animals and they also created their own poster to share their ideas on how we can change our behaviours to help protect our planet. We have very caring children in Reception who thought of lots of different ways in which we could help our planet such as recycling plastic, using less water, use less paper and walk rather than drive where possible. The children have also really enjoyed their music lessons this week wherein they learned songs about growth and gardening. Well done for adding interesting actions to the songs!

We have finally completed our last week of remote learning and children and teachers are really excited about seeing everyone next week.

In English, the Dinosaurs have held discussions and shared their opinions about ‘Should animals be kept in zoos?’ This sparked lots of discussion about other topics which had differing opinions, particularly about whether or not children should have a bed time.

The Dinosaurs have also worked super hard in recognising coins and comparing values. They have been using the vocabulary ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’ to compare different amounts.

World Book Day was also this week. The children have enjoyed sharing their stories and enjoyed a story time session in their pyjamas.

We are really proud of all of our Dinosaurs who have been working at home and at school. You have shown great resilience and all of our MAGIC behaviours. We cannot wait to see you on Monday!

In school and at home this week, the Year 2 children have continued to show fantastic enthusiasm in their learning, across all subjects. In English, the children have continued to look at the text 'The chicken who thought he was an eagle'. The children have worked extremely hard to write their own version of the story using their innovated characters. From cats who thought they were tigers to seahorses who thought they were whales, the children have shown true creativity in the way they have approached their writing. They have embellished their writing through the use of commas, conjunctions and sentence openers.

In Maths, the children have continued learning about multiplication and division. They have been exploring relationships between multiplying by two and doubling; skip counting in 5's and 10's; finding patterns through our times tables and tackling tricky multiplication and division problems.

Our children have also really enjoyed our topic lessons this week. They have composed their own piece of music using different four bar rhythms as well as learning about some exciting Jewish festivals and how they are celebrated in different countries. We have particularly enjoyed learning about different professions, whose job it is to keep us healthy, which has developed some aspiring doctors and nurses amongst our Incredibles!

We are so proud of all of our Northwood Broom children and can’t wait to see everyone back on Monday! Have a great weekend, stay safe.

From Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Mrs Brandrick