It has been another busy week in nursery. The children have continued to learn about Superheroes and have been getting very creative in order to finalise the art work for their fantastic display.   In maths, the children have been rescuing the people from the cackling and slimy water using tweezers, and then matching them to various numbers. They have also matched the correct amount of pegs to numbered superheroes. Well done Mickeys!

In English, children have listened to the story ‘Animal Boogie’ for World Book Day. They then drew and labelled their favourite animals from the story. They also moved like the different animals. Mrs Davis was very good at demonstrating the snake move! The children finished off their week with their Superhero party. How fantastic the children looked. Thank you for your continued support in providing the children with amazing costumes. Everyone had a lot of fun!

In Reception this week the children absolutely loved having secret readers come into school for our rescheduled World Book Day and they had lots of fun enjoying their own stories and bringing in their teddies from home. They have also continued to work on their Caroline Shotton inspired art work, which is looking fantastic! They can't wait to finish them. In maths this week, the children have been learning to subtract. They have been taking eggs away from the hens and counting how many were left. They even attempted to write number sentences to show what they had been doing. In addition to this, the children have also been learning about the life cycle of a hen. They discussed, watched videos and then had a go at ordering the pictures themselves. The children used their Goofy Gumption when labeling and writing about what happens to chicks as they grow. 

It has been another spectacular week in Year 1 this week as the Dinosaurs continued to bowl their teachers over with their amazing learning. In English, the children have been using question marks to punctuate their sentences. In fact, they have proved to have all the answers when writing some fantastic castle fact files! The children have been exploring counting forwards and backwards in 5s in their maths lessons. You can always count on the Dinosaurs when it comes to finding patterns when counting in multiples of 5, as they have been using their detective skills and hundred squares to discover that the last digits in multiples of 5 end in either a '0' or a '5'! In Topic, the Dinosaurs have been continued to explore the weather and update their weather charts accordingly. It's no coincidence that the children have 'blown us away' with their knowledge of weather and have 'breezed' through their week, ready for more exciting experiences next week!

The Incredibles have had a very busy week. They have been practicing the Year 2 special quizzes for maths and reading (practice SATs papers). The children have been applying all their skills to try and answer those tricky questions. Well done to everyone! All of the children tried really hard and did their very best. That's what it's all about.

In maths, the children have started to learn how to group amounts equally and link grouping with addition. In topic the children have been exploring Victorian toys. They have designed their own peg dolls and even made one too! They will look amazing on display.

It has been an exciting week for all of our children as they have all had the opportunity to become super scientists as part of British Science Week! As part of this year's 'Exploration and Discovery', each class have been challenged by Mr. Slater, our Science leader, to create their own bottle cars, exploring a range of materials in their classrooms, which would make ideal wheels for their mini vehicles. There have been a variety of 'wheely' good bottle car designs throughout the school. The children have been 'exhausting' their teachers with their enthusiasm and 'drive' to create the perfect car, testing which one would go furthest. The children have had lots of fun making, testing and questioning. 

We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Moran, Mrs Carrigan, Mrs Clark and Miss Simpson